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Life is a wild ride and it can be a fun or unpleasant experience.  As humans we are designed to automatically adapt to our environment, so we can pretty much live on autopilot.  The problem with relying on autopilot is that it makes life become a big game of chance.  Will I be happy, will I be rich or poor, will I find love or will I be alone?  Just roll the dice and let's see.


We know we can let life just happen to us and get whatever happens or we can play a bigger role in designing our lives and have a more enjoyable and productive experience. You can either be in Chance mode or Designer mode.  The Change Thing is for people who want to be in Designer mode, for people who want to play a bigger role in creating and enjoying their own happiness.


The Change Thing Journey:


This is a journey, it takes time and you won't be doing it alone anymore. 


You start with a no-obligation interview to discuss your life, what's working, what's not working, any goals you might have and to answer any questions you might have.


We team you up with 8 to 11 other people who are starting their own journey and a team facilitator. And Your Journey begins.  You'll meet with your team once a week for a 4 to 8 hour workshops.


During the workshops, you'll learn some of the most recent science of how humans think and you will learn techniques that will help you on your journey.  Each workshop will be different and guide you to learning more about yourself and how you can begin the process of designing the new you.  These workshops will delve deep into what makes you, you.  You'll find out the stuff that’s working for you and the stuff that’s not and together we'll put goals and plans together to get you to where you want to be.  You'll learn about feelings and how to use them to bring out your greatness instead of being controlled by them.  You'll learn how to meditate, how to listen, how to love, how to have fun, you'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll make new life long friends, you'll find your power while learning how to wield it and you will change.


Along the way, we will practice what you learn together.  And while you're learning  and practicing you'll be helping the others on your team to incorporate these new skills into their life's.







And plenty of Love

“Whether you
Think you can,
or you
Think you can't –
you're right,”

Henry Ford

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Give me a call and we can discuss how the program works and if it's right for you.



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